Join the BBQ Around The World Twitter Party #BBQ4less

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention the (@Saveca) Twitter parties are a big deal. The next Save social media bash will take place on June 22, 2016 at 8:00pm and last call for all tweets will be 9:00 pm. My first Twitter party experience took place shortly after I arrived at Metroland Corporate Sales and I remember being online and trying to figure out why the Twitter account was blowing up. Naturally I joined the party not knowing that this was an organized event and well organized at that. It ended up trending  in the top 5 in Canada which is very impressive considering the competition for attention on Twitter. On average we hit 5 million impressions with the record reach being 20 million impressions for our parties.

If you are an advertiser on Save make sure your social media department or person is ready to play on June 22nd. If you aren’t currently advertising on the site this may be a good opportunity to jump in to the fray and see how valuable this deal seeking audience is for your brand or banner.

If you are a deal seeker interested in anything barbecue related you definitely don’t want to miss this. Simply answer questions asked by our host Amrita Singh (@frugalocity) a regular guest on CTV’s Canada Am and CBC’s Stephen and Chris and you will have the chance to win amazing prizes for each question answered correctly. Winners will be selected and announced at the end of the hour. So make sure you join in, get ready to save and don’t forget our hashtag #BBQ4less.

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Tis the Season If you work in advertising

So the kiddies are back to school and Halloween which is the second biggest holiday as far as retail sales are concerned is just around the corner but for an advertising rep regardless of what media you work for the Holiday season starts now. Selling a monthly direct mail product like I do I am always a month ahead so for me it is already October. For most reps in my industry they just sell for today. What I mean by this is picking up ads for next week’s paper, selling 50 more radio spots, locking their client down for another 20,000 impressions for this month’s renewal on their online campaign you get the idea. The Christmas holiday season requires proper planning if you are going to find success so you need to be thinking at least 3 months ahead. What most media reps will do is hit the street in November or even December and start selling their holiday promos such as special sections, holiday greetings, Boxing Day promos the list goes on and on. This is after all the busiest time of the year for the retail industry so you want to grab every penny you can especially since we all know what happens in the first quarter which begins in January. In order to get your fair share before the competition does you need to hit the ground running in the first part of September which is right now. The timing is perfect, the dreadful July and August in terms of sales has come to an end business is picking up and virtually all retailers and business owners know the cash flow is going to increase significantly. This is the perfect time to go out and get it. Top advertising managers who have known this for years start this process in the summer (July) when things are slow and brainstorm product ideas, prospect lists, deadlines, rate cards etc. So once September hits they have their plan in place all they need to do is execute. While their reps are on the streets selling their holiday advertising most other managers are just starting to think about Christmas with the plan of having their attack ready for the streets in November. Well I am sorry to say the big advertising dollars are already spoken for and all you are going to get are the scraps such as holiday greetings.

As an advertising rep you want to get a significant chunk of holiday budgets not the leftovers. How many times in November do you hear “this is a great idea but my Christmas advertising dollars are already spent”? Get out on the streets this week and start presenting your holiday promotions to your top customers with the largest budgets so you can beat the competition to the punch. And If you are a business owner and haven’t started thinking about your holiday advertising  you are about to as I will be knocking on your door this week.



Using Twitter as a Business Tool

It is a common occurrence that I am sitting with a client and the topic of social media comes up, in this case we will focus on Twitter. As much as advertisers know they now need this presence many have no idea where to begin and are misguided by the notion that it takes too much time. Not only do many small business owners not understand Twitter most multimedia reps who sell digital media do not get it. If you are a traditional print multimedia rep like I am and do not yet have a twitter presence I suggest you get one and use it to promote your brand. Of course the product you are trying to sell is the best thing to come along since the invention of newspapers so the client does a simple Twitter search to test you out and you are nowhere to be found or you have 3 followers and haven’t tweeted yet. Sound familiar? Ok clearly this rep knows nothing about digital media so is this the best place to spend my digital dollars? This blog will educate multimedia reps and small business owners how to effectively use Twitter to grow their business.

The first thing you need to do is have a professional portrait taken so that the image represents your brand not a pic from Saturday night’s bender. Twitter also allows you to use a background photo which I use to promote my brand as your Metroland East Multimedia Representative. Next create a profile that makes it clear to followers what your purpose is. In my case this includes deals, interest stories, and community events pertaining to my clients, partners as well as myself. Oh yeah throw the Montreal Canadiens and Tennis tweets in there for your entertainment. My followers know exactly what they have signed up for. Once this is complete you should find tweeters who are after the same audience you are and steal their followers. I believe you can follow up to 1000 right off the bat. Not all will follow you back but many will and those who don’t you can unfollow them at a later date. Now that you are ready to start tweeting make sure you tweet as promised so for me as an example I promote my deals from my advertisers that are live on If the client you are tweeting about is on Twitter make sure you let them know by including them in the tweet i.e @Bathsolutions. This way they will know that you are spreading the word which is a great way to score brownie points. Make sure you are frequently searching for your clients to see if they are on twitter and if they are follow them. Include hashtags in the tweet i.e #saveca, #coupon. Think of hashtags as a search engine. Coupon lovers will #coupon looking for deals they can use on their next shopping expedition and when they do they will find the last coupon I just tweeted about. When your clients tweet about a deal or a charity they are involved in make sure you retweet their message this can go a long way as they are notified that you retweeted the message. Content, videos and pictures are also popular tweets that will bring new followers. It just so happens if you are a multimedia rep with Metroland Media we produce content, videos, online deals,flyers,coupons and much more for our advertisers so Twitter is the perfect outlet. Should you be at an event waving the company flag make sure you take a picture with your smart phone and let the world know where you are Twitter loves this.

Just remember we are marketers and business owners in the digital world so let’s embrace it and no better way to do that than social media. Create a brand, be consistent and show the advertising world that they need to be doing business with you as you clearly get it and have the Twitter presence to prove it.