Geofencing The Key To Get Your Advertising Message Into Queens Campus

For years one of my biggest challenges has been find a way satisfy the very large appetite of my clients to get their message into Queens residences. Historically the university has put up as many road blocks as possible to make sure this doesn’t happen. The school sorts the mail to ensure flyers and other direct mail pieces do not end up in students mailboxes, they do not allow local newspapers into residence, heck you can’t even leave material in the lobbies in hope that they may pick it up on the way out. The only way to reach students at Queens especially those in residence is to buy an ad in one of the university newspapers with the most popular option being the Queens Journal. Well up until now! Let me introduce you to geofencing which is a serious game changer for me to change this trend and I will explain why. Sure you can restrict traditional media from finding it’s way on campus but you can’t take mobile devices out of the hands of students. I would argue that most web browsing by students would be done from a mobile device which makes this form of advertising even more effective. They live on these things.

For those of you new to geofencing it is a location based mobile marketing platform using GPS technology. So how this would come into play at queens is we simply punch in the residence addresses and various landmarks around the campus. We then target a radius around that location with your message for example 1 km around each address. When students use the internet from their mobile device or tablet your ad will come up on millions of websites within our network. We sell this based on impressions and track click thru’s just like a desktop campaign. The timing couldn’t be better, as long as you book before August 31st this platform is half price at $10 per thousand. You could run 50,000 impressions in September for just $500. (Yes we can easily serve these up with this platform)

Hopefully if you are an advertiser and you want to reach Queens students you are as excited about this platform as I am. It only took me 23 years to figure out a way in but thanks to technology it’s better late than never.

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