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In recent years I have made my living selling multimedia campaigns for clients which include printing, flyer distribution, direct mail, posting the flyer on (Metrolands digital flyer and coupon site) and various online marketing platforms such as geofencing, sponsored content, behavioral targeting, ROS you get the idea. I have always been a believer in the multimedia approach as opposed to being a 1 trick pony. In today’s ever changing advertising landscape if you are just responding to the customers ask that is no longer enough. With the emergence of digital media and Metroland’s reputation being the kings of print we need to introduce and sell our digital platforms to our customers. It is crucial that we offer these digital opportunities to our clients along with traditional media such as Metroland’s targeted flyer distribution, creative executions (door hangers, post its, flyer wraps etc.) and ROP.

At Metroland Corporate Sales we tie in traditional and new media which is proving to bring positive results for our advertisers. We have many flyer options both printing and distribution utilizing our 170+ community and daily newspapers. We have creative execution options such as door hangers, post it-notes, leaf bags (not the sports team thank thankfully), post cards, flyer wraps, false fronts (this gets you a wrap around the front of the newspaper), and anything else you can dream up. Now comes the fun part. Advertisers are still learning Metroland has many viable digital options. Most know, WagJag and our community sites which are all very strong, industry leading high traffic sites which boast over 8.5 million monthly unique visitors. What many still do not know is Metroland offers an ad exchange through another Torstar property EyeReturn which has over 30,000 sites in the network including nearly 90 per cent of the most visited sites in Canada. It is through this arm that we offer our geofencing and behavioral targeting. Another digital trend sponsored content is a natural for us as we can share your message on our 40 plus community and lifestyle sites. Tap into our 3 million opt in emails through WagJag, and Travel alerts and target these deal seekers by lifestyle, income, postal code and more. Use to promote your contest, run a daily deal with WagJag or challenge me to come up with a creative solution to meet your advertising needs. We also have a strong automotive audience with Metroland owned sites like and Autocatch and a very impressive behavioral targeting platform with literally hundreds of user segments on auto alone which you can target. Of course there is much more depending on your marketing needs.

So give me a call, send me a note and let’s sit down or set up a call to discuss your marketing needs so that we can together come up with a multimedia solution to promote your business or product.

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Email Marketing On The Rise

Earlier this week Marketing Magazine published an article on email marketing stating that it is on the rise. Email marketing in 2015 was up 14.8 per  cent over 2015 and another increase is expected in 2016. According to the article 8 out of 10 consumers want to receive emails from brands they are interested in so I am referring to permission based emails. Since the new anti-spam laws were introduced in 2014 a more targeted approach has been adopted to email marketing campaigns.

Metroland Media has over 3 million opt in emails across Metroland brands such as, WagJag and Travel Alerts. These emails allow us to target users based on geography, user interest, demographic data etc. and of course you can also send out mass emails much like you would with a printed flyer if that is what you want. Even before the article was released I noticed that the demand for this type of marketing was increasing as more and more corporate clients have been asking for email solutions and I see the engagement when included in presentations.

If you are looking at sending your message out to consumers who want more information regarding your brand there isn’t a better place than Metroland’s 3 million plus opt in emails. Whether it is your first campaign or have completed many get in touch with me so we can share our audience with your new potential customers. I have copied a link to the article that appeared on

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Metroland’s Geofencing – the Latest and the Greatest

By now it is no secret that most businesses need an online marketing strategy in order to capture an audience that is growing by the day to complement traditional media such as print. This is becoming old news and what you hear now is businesses that do not have a mobile marketing strategy you are missing an audience which in some cases may be the only way to reach for example millennials. As more and more of us continue to use our smart phones and tablets as the primary internet source in the confines of our homes to surf the web a mobile marketing strategy becomes a crucial element of any marketing plan. We do after all buy and sell audience.
Lucky for you and Me Metroland Media has many ways to reach the mobile audience but my favourite is our geofencing platform. Geofencing uses the GPS signal in mobile devices when location services are turned on so that we can serve up ads to users surfing websites within a radius for example 2 km around a Health club to attract new members. Metroland’s geofencing platform has access to over 30,000 premium Canadian websites and apps such as Kijiji, The Weather Network, Rogers Sportsnet and just to name a few. We can serve ads on all of these sites as part of our geofencing capabilities thanks to Eyereturn Marketing (a subsidiary of TorStar).
To provide an example of the relevance of this audience let me share an experience I had in the Kingston market which is by no means leading the way from a mobile marketing perspective. During the first week of September when post-secondary students were coming back to town I sold just fewer than 2.5 million impressions to local businesses wanting to primarily reach this audience. This ranged from pizza places to auto shops to retailers both local and national. Many of these impressions were targeted within a 1-3 km radius around the campus and to be delivered within a relatively short period of time (1-3 weeks). Not only is a mobile marketing strategy the best way but also arguably the only way to reach this audience. In addition to the obvious benefits the CTR (click thru rate) is very high. In most cases from my experience on the Metroland network geofencing averages a .5 per cent CTR and upwards of 1 per cent depending on the campaign. 100,000 impressions which is a $1000 investment with Metroland, in many cases would bring 500-1000 clicks with the extreme low end being 350 if the campaign bombed. Take that to the bank for a ROI.
If your company has a digital strategy and you think that is enough chances are you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and introduce a mobile marketing campaign. For my money and yours in my opinion there is not a better place to start then a Metroland geofencing platform.
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FlyerMail introduces new Multimedia bundles

FlyerMail a division of Metroland Media in the east region has introduced 2 new multimedia bundles for the 4th quarter that combines direct mail, mobile marketing,, and newspaper display advertising. If direct mail is your thing but have the need for a complete marketing strategy this could be the platform for you.

With these packages you will receive the following:

  • 54,000, 2 sided, full colour flyers mailed through Canada Post.
  • 120,000 or 240,000 annual geofencing impressions which is our location based mobile marketing platform targeting over 30,000 premium Canadian websites.
  • 1/8 page full colour ad in the local Metroland newspaper.
  • Your FlyerMail flyer posted on for 30 days targeted to your market.

If you want to run in FlyerMail 6 times per year the monthly cost is just $1105 per month. (54,000 flyers 6 times per year, 120,000 annual geofencing impressions, 6 newspaper ads per year, your flyer posted on 6 times per year) If you want to run monthly in FlyerMail the cost is $1940 per month.(54,000 flyers 12 times per year, 240,000 annual geofencing impressions, 12 newspaper ads and your flyer posted on every month.

If these packages do not suit your marketing needs we will come up with custom packages that work for your business.

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Looking to capture a home buyers/sellers audience?

If you are looking to capture people in the market for a home or those thinking of selling their home you may want to consider Metroland’s home buyers audience highlighted by This site get’s over 600,000 unique monthly visitors (at last check) across the network. This gives us a massive audience which we use to reach those in the market for a home through content marketing, audience extension, hot listings and takeovers. To sum it up if this audience appeals to you we can get your message in front of these qualified potential customers. We can target your message to the market of your choice across the Metroland network. Take a look  at the video overlay ad above by Kingston realtors Susan Henry and Janet Grace their ad appears front and center while users are looking at real estate listings in the Kingston market. So if you are a realtor or mortgage broker we have your audience who is in the market for a home. Isn’t it time you start speaking to it?

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Are Radio Advertising Dollars Going Digital?

For a while now I have been hearing from some businesses that “we are cutting back on our print and shifting those dollars to other marketing platforms” This for the most part has meant shifting to radio and digital. Thankfully being a business development manager for Metroland Media I have been able to save these dollars and shift into digital platforms such as content marketing, audience extension and geofencing. But just last week I met with 3 separate local car dealers who are cutting their radio advertising budget between 50 and 100 per cent and putting those dollars into digital platforms. The reason I was told was 50 per cent of automotive leads from these dealers are now coming from the internet. And this is while spending very little locally on digital campaigns. These car dealers aren’t stupid people so what do you think they are going to do if it sells more cars? Of course they are going to ramp up their digital campaigns. A $2000 to $5000 monthly digital budget with current available online automotive targeting goes a long way and yes car sales will go up. If you think about it it really does make sense. Think about your last car buying experience I will bet a pay check that you searched online for that vehicle. I will bet that is likely where you made the decision on your vehicle of choice. If I was in the car business I would definitely have a significant digital strategy to reach this audience.

The issue I see with the radio executives at least from what I have seen is they do not have the digital platforms to keep this revenue. They are trying but I know when I come in to a business after the radio guys have done there best digital pitch Metroland has exactly what the doctor ordered to look after their digital needs. I also do not notice the radio reps running around with their print is dying pitch anymore as I believe they are starting to notice they have their own challenges. Is this the beginning of the end for local radio media buys at least at the level we have seen in the past? Or is it just a blip and these customers will come back to radio? Or maybe the broadcast giants will invest in the proper digital platforms if it’s not already too late.