Email Marketing On The Rise

Earlier this week Marketing Magazine published an article on email marketing stating that it is on the rise. Email marketing in 2015 was up 14.8 per  cent over 2015 and another increase is expected in 2016. According to the article 8 out of 10 consumers want to receive emails from brands they are interested in so I am referring to permission based emails. Since the new anti-spam laws were introduced in 2014 a more targeted approach has been adopted to email marketing campaigns.

Metroland Media has over 3 million opt in emails across Metroland brands such as, WagJag and Travel Alerts. These emails allow us to target users based on geography, user interest, demographic data etc. and of course you can also send out mass emails much like you would with a printed flyer if that is what you want. Even before the article was released I noticed that the demand for this type of marketing was increasing as more and more corporate clients have been asking for email solutions and I see the engagement when included in presentations.

If you are looking at sending your message out to consumers who want more information regarding your brand there isn’t a better place than Metroland’s 3 million plus opt in emails. Whether it is your first campaign or have completed many get in touch with me so we can share our audience with your new potential customers. I have copied a link to the article that appeared on

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