It’s All About Balance

This past November I decided to make a move to Toronto for mainly professional reasons but also on a quest to find balance. Those of you that know me well know I am a very passionate person which isn’t always healthy. This did become the case over the past few years in Kingston after starting my own business (FlyerMail). Anyone who is or has been an entrepreneur is fully aware that your business can take over your life and literally become your life. This was the case with me which is why I decided to sell my company to Metroland Media in May of 2012. At the time one of the big reasons other than the obvious to sell to Metroland was to take a half step back and get my life back. The reality was I became even more driven with the new challenge of driving Metroland digital platforms in the east region. So the move to corporate sales was a quest to have a little more me time especially living in the heart of my new city. I did come into my new role in challenging times for the print media industry but given that it was November I did play for 6 weeks exploring the city. But then January came and that always comes with its challenges and I will be honest for the first time in my career was in a bit of a rut. While learning a new job I had some budget challenges and found myself feeling sorry for myself which is crazy as I am not wired that way.

Once March hit I realized that no one was going to get me out of this other than myself so I hit the road to find a solution which translates to running (my favourite form of exercise). Running has always been a huge passion of mine and one of the true loves of my life and something I had escaped from in recent years. While out on the road I started to clear my head, think about strategies, my kids, my next presentation, how I’m going to get through to that agency I’m chasing, you get the idea. I started coming into work feeling great again and simply high on life. And guess what sales are starting to fall, I’m setting up more appointments and bringing on new clients all while growing my existing account list. This is no coincidence or a streak of luck it’s strictly hard work and finding balance. I have zero doubt that I will continue to find success at corporate sales. When I look back finding balance through running combined with the odd night on the town will definitely be remembered as a huge factor in my current and future success as I continue to conquer the corporate world.

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January Is Coupon Month

If you are like me somewhere in your home you have a drawer full of coupons that magically landed in your mailbox. For me personally given the fast food junkies who live in my house that drawer is full of restaurant coupons such as Mcdonald’s, Harvey’s, Montana’s Cookhouse, East Side Marios, Boston Pizza you get the idea. And yes that is really what is in that drawer as I just double checked. If you pay attention like I do you will notice that your mailbox is jammed in January with these types of deals. This is not a coincidence as these chains have focused marketing departments that rely heavily on analytics while being very ROI driven. In reality the most important stat for coupon advertisers is redemption and simply put this is higher in January than any other month hence the repeated annual cycle. So why the heavy response in January? It really is a common sense approach. The month of December is our biggest retail month of the year in terms of spending for obvious reasons. Many Canadians put themselves into debt and spend the coming months catching up. So naturally this results in consumers looking for deals, and more specifically coupons over the coming months. This hits its height in January as the credit card statements are actually coming in, the weather is gloomy, people are more depressed and everyone is looking for a bargain. In some cases this may be a psychological effect but either way it drives major spending through coupons.
There are numerous ways to reach this audience such as your local Metroland newspaper, one of our direct to door products such as FlyerMail, a direct mail campaign (see Metroland’s Simpofly for an easy way to do this) or an online campaign through a deal site such as WagJag or
I am going to provide one example of one of my direct to door advertisers A&W who often has a campaign in January. If I take just one market of 54,000 doors in FlyerMail which is a $2500 total investment they will get upwards of 2000 coupons back which is a 3.7 per cent redemption rate. You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out when the offers are structured properly this has a very high ROI.
So the time is now to start planning for January, get your offers in place and come up with a strategy so that you can tap into an audience that is out there looking for deals and ready to spend but you need to have the correct bait to reel them in.
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