Thank-You Metroland

After 15 plus years working for Metroland I have decided to move on. Instead of dwelling on what could have been I would rather focus on what was. Metroland is the company that taught me the ins and outs of the flyer distribution business and gave me my first opportunity to establish myself as an industry leader. They really did give me every opportunity to flourish and I can never thank them enough for that. It wasn’t until Metroland sold their Kingston product that I decided to start up my own company in FlyerMail (which I would later sell to Metroland) which would turn out to be my biggest break. Metroland really did provide me with the opportunity to grow and help mold me into what I am today.

So lets reflect:

-They allowed me to flourish as A local flyer rep.

-Provided me with industry leading (newspaper media) flyer targeting which in turn allowed me to thrive as an industry sales leader.

-Indirectly influenced me to start up FlyerMail.

-Later purchased FlyerMail to bring me back to Metroland.

-Gave me sales management experience.

-Made me a business development manager driving digital and direct mail.

-Armed me with strong local digital products which lead to my passion and sales success I have today for digital media.

-Provided me with corporate sales experience so I could polish off my advertising sales game adding agency sales experience to my arsenal.

I could add more but would rather keep this short and sweet. As I move on to my next venture so that I can reach my career goals in Toronto I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Metroland both employees and management who helped me grow as an advertising sales executive. I am very excited for what’s next but Metroland has played a huge part for my passion in the print/direct mail/digital advertising game.

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Using Metroland to Promote your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

By now it is no secret that Black Friday has turned into a major retail event for Canadians. We may not have caught up to our neighbors to the north yet but it is definitely a growing phenomenon. This year 19.3 million Canadians plan to shop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday with an expected spend of 10.3 billion dollars. Metroland has the perfect audience to advertise your brands with 170+ community and daily newspapers across Ontario. We also have numerous digital platforms not only in our newspaper markets but also province wide as well as national verticals and platforms like and WagJag. Then there are the 3 million opt in emails, mobile geofencing (can include the US), tie in behavioral targeting, a content marketing campaign, takeovers on our community network and national sites, and of course impressions on any of the verticals.

To summarize our audience Metroland print products (Mostly newspapers) deliver to over 3.7 million households in Ontario, our digital audience (our own websites including 39 community sites) has about 9 million monthly unique visitors (imagine the impact of branded content) and as I mentioned 3 million opt in emails via, WagJag and Travel Alerts. We also have over 30,000 of Canada’s leading websites (roughly 90 percent of the top sites in Canada) as part of our ad exchange if you want to run geofencing or behavioral targeting campaigns. Not to forget automotive we have 2 of Canada’s leading automotive sites in our arsenal and Autocatch.

Now comes the fun part. If you book a Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign we have some super deals. We will craft a digital package for you at 25 per cent off our rate card rates. If you book a holiday campaign in our newspapers as long as you buy a Black Friday ad we will give you a future ad of the same size in the same market at no charge as long as you run within a 6 week window. Keep in mind this is a corporate sales promotion as opposed to a local one. Simply get in touch if you want me to put together a proposal for your company or client.

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Geofencing Metroland and the Blue Jays

I recently read an article on that focused on brands tapping into the recent success and lofty expectations of our very own Toronto Blue Jays. So my head started to spin to find a solution as to how my clients could best tap into this audience. The answer is pretty simple Metrolands geofencing. Metroland can leverage our ad exchange which includes over 30,000 premium Canadian websites on our mobile network that equates to 90 per cent of the top Canadian websites. For those that are not yet familiar with how geofencing works it’s pretty simple:   When a user is on their mobile device with location services on we can target those users with your ad while they are surfing the web from their phone. For example if they were checking the box score on Sportsnet from the game your ad may appear. We simply target a radius from the Rogers Centre for example 1 km. Not only would your brand reach people at the game but also those in bars in restaurants in the area which taps  into the audience you are after. I would hazard to guess that during a Blue Jays home game the available impressions with this platform would be very high. Depending on volume you can purchase these impressions for as low as $8 per thousand. Let’s get in touch if geofencing would make sense for your brand. Check out the Marketing Mag article which I have copied below.

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It’s All About Balance

This past November I decided to make a move to Toronto for mainly professional reasons but also on a quest to find balance. Those of you that know me well know I am a very passionate person which isn’t always healthy. This did become the case over the past few years in Kingston after starting my own business (FlyerMail). Anyone who is or has been an entrepreneur is fully aware that your business can take over your life and literally become your life. This was the case with me which is why I decided to sell my company to Metroland Media in May of 2012. At the time one of the big reasons other than the obvious to sell to Metroland was to take a half step back and get my life back. The reality was I became even more driven with the new challenge of driving Metroland digital platforms in the east region. So the move to corporate sales was a quest to have a little more me time especially living in the heart of my new city. I did come into my new role in challenging times for the print media industry but given that it was November I did play for 6 weeks exploring the city. But then January came and that always comes with its challenges and I will be honest for the first time in my career was in a bit of a rut. While learning a new job I had some budget challenges and found myself feeling sorry for myself which is crazy as I am not wired that way.

Once March hit I realized that no one was going to get me out of this other than myself so I hit the road to find a solution which translates to running (my favourite form of exercise). Running has always been a huge passion of mine and one of the true loves of my life and something I had escaped from in recent years. While out on the road I started to clear my head, think about strategies, my kids, my next presentation, how I’m going to get through to that agency I’m chasing, you get the idea. I started coming into work feeling great again and simply high on life. And guess what sales are starting to fall, I’m setting up more appointments and bringing on new clients all while growing my existing account list. This is no coincidence or a streak of luck it’s strictly hard work and finding balance. I have zero doubt that I will continue to find success at corporate sales. When I look back finding balance through running combined with the odd night on the town will definitely be remembered as a huge factor in my current and future success as I continue to conquer the corporate world.

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Nothing Beats Mixing Business With Pleasure

This past weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining an agency that represents my largest account. A fun time was had by all (even though I got stuck watching the Leafs/Sens) not to mention the business relationship building. So often we get lost in paperwork, driving sales and meeting our daily tasks. But when you can mix business with pleasure with some drinks, meals and fun with those you work so closely with on a daily basis it goes a long way. This was great team building not only for the client but also the Metroland team which included the digital rep  I work so closely with but also our respective managers especially being the new guy where I am still getting to know everyone. I am not sure how often I will have opportunities like this but what I do know is it’s important to add a fun element into our professional lives.

Are Radio Advertising Dollars Going Digital?

For a while now I have been hearing from some businesses that “we are cutting back on our print and shifting those dollars to other marketing platforms” This for the most part has meant shifting to radio and digital. Thankfully being a business development manager for Metroland Media I have been able to save these dollars and shift into digital platforms such as content marketing, audience extension and geofencing. But just last week I met with 3 separate local car dealers who are cutting their radio advertising budget between 50 and 100 per cent and putting those dollars into digital platforms. The reason I was told was 50 per cent of automotive leads from these dealers are now coming from the internet. And this is while spending very little locally on digital campaigns. These car dealers aren’t stupid people so what do you think they are going to do if it sells more cars? Of course they are going to ramp up their digital campaigns. A $2000 to $5000 monthly digital budget with current available online automotive targeting goes a long way and yes car sales will go up. If you think about it it really does make sense. Think about your last car buying experience I will bet a pay check that you searched online for that vehicle. I will bet that is likely where you made the decision on your vehicle of choice. If I was in the car business I would definitely have a significant digital strategy to reach this audience.

The issue I see with the radio executives at least from what I have seen is they do not have the digital platforms to keep this revenue. They are trying but I know when I come in to a business after the radio guys have done there best digital pitch Metroland has exactly what the doctor ordered to look after their digital needs. I also do not notice the radio reps running around with their print is dying pitch anymore as I believe they are starting to notice they have their own challenges. Is this the beginning of the end for local radio media buys at least at the level we have seen in the past? Or is it just a blip and these customers will come back to radio? Or maybe the broadcast giants will invest in the proper digital platforms if it’s not already too late.