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In recent years I have made my living selling multimedia campaigns for clients which include printing, flyer distribution, direct mail, posting the flyer on (Metrolands digital flyer and coupon site) and various online marketing platforms such as geofencing, sponsored content, behavioral targeting, ROS you get the idea. I have always been a believer in the multimedia approach as opposed to being a 1 trick pony. In today’s ever changing advertising landscape if you are just responding to the customers ask that is no longer enough. With the emergence of digital media and Metroland’s reputation being the kings of print we need to introduce and sell our digital platforms to our customers. It is crucial that we offer these digital opportunities to our clients along with traditional media such as Metroland’s targeted flyer distribution, creative executions (door hangers, post its, flyer wraps etc.) and ROP.

At Metroland Corporate Sales we tie in traditional and new media which is proving to bring positive results for our advertisers. We have many flyer options both printing and distribution utilizing our 170+ community and daily newspapers. We have creative execution options such as door hangers, post it-notes, leaf bags (not the sports team thank thankfully), post cards, flyer wraps, false fronts (this gets you a wrap around the front of the newspaper), and anything else you can dream up. Now comes the fun part. Advertisers are still learning Metroland has many viable digital options. Most know, WagJag and our community sites which are all very strong, industry leading high traffic sites which boast over 8.5 million monthly unique visitors. What many still do not know is Metroland offers an ad exchange through another Torstar property EyeReturn which has over 30,000 sites in the network including nearly 90 per cent of the most visited sites in Canada. It is through this arm that we offer our geofencing and behavioral targeting. Another digital trend sponsored content is a natural for us as we can share your message on our 40 plus community and lifestyle sites. Tap into our 3 million opt in emails through WagJag, and Travel alerts and target these deal seekers by lifestyle, income, postal code and more. Use to promote your contest, run a daily deal with WagJag or challenge me to come up with a creative solution to meet your advertising needs. We also have a strong automotive audience with Metroland owned sites like and Autocatch and a very impressive behavioral targeting platform with literally hundreds of user segments on auto alone which you can target. Of course there is much more depending on your marketing needs.

So give me a call, send me a note and let’s sit down or set up a call to discuss your marketing needs so that we can together come up with a multimedia solution to promote your business or product.

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Join the BBQ Around The World Twitter Party #BBQ4less

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention the (@Saveca) Twitter parties are a big deal. The next Save social media bash will take place on June 22, 2016 at 8:00pm and last call for all tweets will be 9:00 pm. My first Twitter party experience took place shortly after I arrived at Metroland Corporate Sales and I remember being online and trying to figure out why the Twitter account was blowing up. Naturally I joined the party not knowing that this was an organized event and well organized at that. It ended up trending  in the top 5 in Canada which is very impressive considering the competition for attention on Twitter. On average we hit 5 million impressions with the record reach being 20 million impressions for our parties.

If you are an advertiser on Save make sure your social media department or person is ready to play on June 22nd. If you aren’t currently advertising on the site this may be a good opportunity to jump in to the fray and see how valuable this deal seeking audience is for your brand or banner.

If you are a deal seeker interested in anything barbecue related you definitely don’t want to miss this. Simply answer questions asked by our host Amrita Singh (@frugalocity) a regular guest on CTV’s Canada Am and CBC’s Stephen and Chris and you will have the chance to win amazing prizes for each question answered correctly. Winners will be selected and announced at the end of the hour. So make sure you join in, get ready to save and don’t forget our hashtag #BBQ4less.

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Finding the Right Flyer Mix between Print and Digital

I read an article this week in Canadian Retailer which compared digital and print flyers providing some insight into the future of each platform and what their role with Canadian consumers may be going forward. I found this article to be informative as it backed up my opinion that even with the rise of the digital age, traditional print flyers are still the number one driver in terms of driving people to stores which translates to driving more sales than digital flyers. It is true that more and more retailers are adding a digital component to their flyer media mix but printed circulars are still the number one choice for Canadians. 80 per cent of respondents to a recent BrandSpark survey said that they were still looking at printed flyers on a weekly basis. Printed flyers also allow local businesses to stay connected to their communities which digital flyers as a rule do not do. As far as newspapers go Metroland leads the way having a strong connection with our communities it’s even part of our logo “Connected to your community”.

There are advantages to digital flyers such as tracking purchasing trends, product engagement, and data on customer behavior so figuring out the right media mix between print and digital is important and unique to each retailer. The most advanced flyer advertisers in Canada have already found this mix so if you are a flyer advertiser and haven’t done so it clearly should find it’s way on to your to do list. Metroland has always been the leader in targeted flyer distribution using POS and customer data, lifestyle data and other targeting data to offer the best available targeting to our customers which translates into a higher ROI.  Metroland also has a national leading online flyer/coupon deal site offering all of the latest digital trends so we have you covered.

Takeaways for me include flyer distribution and printing being a feel good story in terms of importance to retailers and for best results you should have a print and digital flyer presence. I will end on this note which is mentioned in the article 72 per cent of shoppers “would be upset, stop shopping at the store or just think its a bad idea” if the stores they shop at stopped distributing a printed flyer. For the complete article follow the link below.

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“For the Love of Flyers” – article in the Marketing Issue of Canadian Retailer


Newspapers still a strong source for local community information

A Vividata study says 75 per cent of Canadians rely on community newspapers as a primary source of local community information. The study includes digital media so more evidence that print is far from dead. Follow the link below to see how newspapers compare to other media.

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Newspapers dominate as a media source for Local Community Information


Geofencing Metroland and the Blue Jays

I recently read an article on that focused on brands tapping into the recent success and lofty expectations of our very own Toronto Blue Jays. So my head started to spin to find a solution as to how my clients could best tap into this audience. The answer is pretty simple Metrolands geofencing. Metroland can leverage our ad exchange which includes over 30,000 premium Canadian websites on our mobile network that equates to 90 per cent of the top Canadian websites. For those that are not yet familiar with how geofencing works it’s pretty simple:   When a user is on their mobile device with location services on we can target those users with your ad while they are surfing the web from their phone. For example if they were checking the box score on Sportsnet from the game your ad may appear. We simply target a radius from the Rogers Centre for example 1 km. Not only would your brand reach people at the game but also those in bars in restaurants in the area which taps  into the audience you are after. I would hazard to guess that during a Blue Jays home game the available impressions with this platform would be very high. Depending on volume you can purchase these impressions for as low as $8 per thousand. Let’s get in touch if geofencing would make sense for your brand. Check out the Marketing Mag article which I have copied below.

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It’s All About Balance

This past November I decided to make a move to Toronto for mainly professional reasons but also on a quest to find balance. Those of you that know me well know I am a very passionate person which isn’t always healthy. This did become the case over the past few years in Kingston after starting my own business (FlyerMail). Anyone who is or has been an entrepreneur is fully aware that your business can take over your life and literally become your life. This was the case with me which is why I decided to sell my company to Metroland Media in May of 2012. At the time one of the big reasons other than the obvious to sell to Metroland was to take a half step back and get my life back. The reality was I became even more driven with the new challenge of driving Metroland digital platforms in the east region. So the move to corporate sales was a quest to have a little more me time especially living in the heart of my new city. I did come into my new role in challenging times for the print media industry but given that it was November I did play for 6 weeks exploring the city. But then January came and that always comes with its challenges and I will be honest for the first time in my career was in a bit of a rut. While learning a new job I had some budget challenges and found myself feeling sorry for myself which is crazy as I am not wired that way.

Once March hit I realized that no one was going to get me out of this other than myself so I hit the road to find a solution which translates to running (my favourite form of exercise). Running has always been a huge passion of mine and one of the true loves of my life and something I had escaped from in recent years. While out on the road I started to clear my head, think about strategies, my kids, my next presentation, how I’m going to get through to that agency I’m chasing, you get the idea. I started coming into work feeling great again and simply high on life. And guess what sales are starting to fall, I’m setting up more appointments and bringing on new clients all while growing my existing account list. This is no coincidence or a streak of luck it’s strictly hard work and finding balance. I have zero doubt that I will continue to find success at corporate sales. When I look back finding balance through running combined with the odd night on the town will definitely be remembered as a huge factor in my current and future success as I continue to conquer the corporate world.

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Email Marketing On The Rise

Earlier this week Marketing Magazine published an article on email marketing stating that it is on the rise. Email marketing in 2015 was up 14.8 per  cent over 2015 and another increase is expected in 2016. According to the article 8 out of 10 consumers want to receive emails from brands they are interested in so I am referring to permission based emails. Since the new anti-spam laws were introduced in 2014 a more targeted approach has been adopted to email marketing campaigns.

Metroland Media has over 3 million opt in emails across Metroland brands such as, WagJag and Travel Alerts. These emails allow us to target users based on geography, user interest, demographic data etc. and of course you can also send out mass emails much like you would with a printed flyer if that is what you want. Even before the article was released I noticed that the demand for this type of marketing was increasing as more and more corporate clients have been asking for email solutions and I see the engagement when included in presentations.

If you are looking at sending your message out to consumers who want more information regarding your brand there isn’t a better place than Metroland’s 3 million plus opt in emails. Whether it is your first campaign or have completed many get in touch with me so we can share our audience with your new potential customers. I have copied a link to the article that appeared on

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