Drive and Passion is What Separates Us

Throughout my career I have spent a significant chunk of my time in produt, leadership, sales, this list can almost go on forever training. We spend time in weekly internal sales meetings, sales tools training, role playing, working on closing skills, one on ones with managers ok seriously I am sure you get the idea. In all my time in the advertising business there are 2 things that can’t be taught which have been huge to my success and they are DRIVE and PASSION. This comes from within and at the end of the day in my opinion this is what separates us. Without these attributes I wouldn’t have been able to start up FlyerMail, sell it to Metroland, have the sales success I have had throughout my career and become a digital and print sales leader in my industry. My digital knowledge is almost exclusively self taught through social media, spending time with digital leaders and daily reading (thanks Google!). No one made me do this, there was no course, it all came through a passion for digital and an unstoppable drive to be successful in that space. in fact I have taken this aproach throughout my career and demonstrated drive and passion in everything I do to give me that edge and maximize my success. I am by no means downplaying internal company training and the importance of this but if you want to stand out, win, and separate yourself from the competition you will need to discover that passion and drive that only comes from within.

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