Geofencing Metroland and the Blue Jays

I recently read an article on that focused on brands tapping into the recent success and lofty expectations of our very own Toronto Blue Jays. So my head started to spin to find a solution as to how my clients could best tap into this audience. The answer is pretty simple Metrolands geofencing. Metroland can leverage our ad exchange which includes over 30,000 premium Canadian websites on our mobile network that equates to 90 per cent of the top Canadian websites. For those that are not yet familiar with how geofencing works it’s pretty simple:   When a user is on their mobile device with location services on we can target those users with your ad while they are surfing the web from their phone. For example if they were checking the box score on Sportsnet from the game your ad may appear. We simply target a radius from the Rogers Centre for example 1 km. Not only would your brand reach people at the game but also those in bars in restaurants in the area which taps  into the audience you are after. I would hazard to guess that during a Blue Jays home game the available impressions with this platform would be very high. Depending on volume you can purchase these impressions for as low as $8 per thousand. Let’s get in touch if geofencing would make sense for your brand. Check out the Marketing Mag article which I have copied below.

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