Metroland’s Geofencing – the Latest and the Greatest

By now it is no secret that most businesses need an online marketing strategy in order to capture an audience that is growing by the day to complement traditional media such as print. This is becoming old news and what you hear now is businesses that do not have a mobile marketing strategy you are missing an audience which in some cases may be the only way to reach for example millennials. As more and more of us continue to use our smart phones and tablets as the primary internet source in the confines of our homes to surf the web a mobile marketing strategy becomes a crucial element of any marketing plan. We do after all buy and sell audience.
Lucky for you and Me Metroland Media has many ways to reach the mobile audience but my favourite is our geofencing platform. Geofencing uses the GPS signal in mobile devices when location services are turned on so that we can serve up ads to users surfing websites within a radius for example 2 km around a Health club to attract new members. Metroland’s geofencing platform has access to over 30,000 premium Canadian websites and apps such as Kijiji, The Weather Network, Rogers Sportsnet and just to name a few. We can serve ads on all of these sites as part of our geofencing capabilities thanks to Eyereturn Marketing (a subsidiary of TorStar).
To provide an example of the relevance of this audience let me share an experience I had in the Kingston market which is by no means leading the way from a mobile marketing perspective. During the first week of September when post-secondary students were coming back to town I sold just fewer than 2.5 million impressions to local businesses wanting to primarily reach this audience. This ranged from pizza places to auto shops to retailers both local and national. Many of these impressions were targeted within a 1-3 km radius around the campus and to be delivered within a relatively short period of time (1-3 weeks). Not only is a mobile marketing strategy the best way but also arguably the only way to reach this audience. In addition to the obvious benefits the CTR (click thru rate) is very high. In most cases from my experience on the Metroland network geofencing averages a .5 per cent CTR and upwards of 1 per cent depending on the campaign. 100,000 impressions which is a $1000 investment with Metroland, in many cases would bring 500-1000 clicks with the extreme low end being 350 if the campaign bombed. Take that to the bank for a ROI.
If your company has a digital strategy and you think that is enough chances are you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and introduce a mobile marketing campaign. For my money and yours in my opinion there is not a better place to start then a Metroland geofencing platform.
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