Why Every Realtor Needs A Metroland Audience Extension Platform

If you are a realtor or mortgage specialist in my region and haven’t reached out to discuss an audience extension campaign it’s time you do. If someone was to tell you that you could target potential buyers currently in the market for a home I am sure you would say yes 100 per cent sign me up. Then if they told you you could do this for $200-$350 per month I know you’d be in. But for some reason you aren’t none of you and it baffles me. I am going to take this time for a bit of a sales pitch so you can get back to me as to why you are not marketing yourself in this way. To make it easy lets use the market I live in Kingston as the example. When a user looking for a home in the Kingston market comes on to Homefinder.ca to look at listings (which many people do) we take a cookie from that user. This allows us to follow that user as they surf the web. So as they leave Homefinder and go to sites such as the weather network, CBC, Kijjiji, the Toronto Star etc we follow them with your ad. What makes this so powerful is we know they are looking for a home in Kingston so why not introduce them to your inventory? You could have 20,000 monthly impressions on your ad for $340. To me that is a very low cost with a very high ROI given that we know the user is currently in the market. If you do not fully understand what an impression is get in touch with me and I will bring you up to speed. So now you have it and hopefully I hear from you soon so I can introduce you to this amazing online marketing strategy.


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