Online advertising It’s about more than just the click

For those of us who sell online advertising the first thing we hear every day is how many clicks am I going to get? There is never a straight simple answer to this question and the wheels are spinning a million miles an hour in my head as there are so many ways I can go with this. To me this is similar to clients that ask what percentage am I going to get back from my direct mail campaign. Sure my advertisers usually get a click thru rate of .35-.5 per cent on their campaigns which is strong given that industry average is between .10-.15 per cent. This of course is on impressions served up on their big box, leaderboard or skyscraper online campaign. But online advertising is much more than that. First off when I sell these standard online ads we are selling impressions. So let’s say a client buys 100,000 impressions IP targeted to your local city. Sure they are going to get 200-400 click thru’s if done properly but what about the 100,000 sets of eye balls on the page? Let’s compare this to a newspaper ad. This online campaign would cost $1500 with my company. What would a full page ad cost in a daily newspaper reaching 100,000 readers? Let’s say $3500 for argument sake. Let’s also assume that all 100,000 readers go through every page so we are at 100,000 impressions comparing apples to apples.  So off the top you are saving $2000 for the same amount of eyeballs albeit with a smaller ad but the numbers are the same. Not a bad deal right? But unfortunately this is far too often overlooked. To me we are now in bonus territory. You now will get a report tracking click thru’s to your website which is your measuring stick but that’s it. The impressions have been served, your brand has been recognized and you have received some amazing exposure. And how many people notice the advertisement, don’t click but pick up the phone and order, attend the event or go in to the store as they are already familiar with the business. For my money if the ad gets 400 clicks (visitors to the online store) which is already a success the actual gain from the campaign is much greater than the clicks, with the 100,000 impressions served up. After all we must remember Facebook uses this as one of their measuring sticks. So the next time you are buying or selling an online campaign as you are planning your strategy just remember the click isn’t everything.

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6 thoughts on “Online advertising It’s about more than just the click

    1. Hi Pat. Yes I find click thru rates vary depending on many factors but mainly the offer has to be right in terms of a call to action. If that is there I find my click thru rates run between .2 and .5 per cent which is well above the national average.


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